Updates 2022.10.10

Many things has been changed, updated and adjusted since last time. Here is a short list:

  • Drop info / calculations adjustments. Not shift+click should show correct informations. Remember item drop chance also depends on category drop chance.
  • little adjustment of quest drops chances
  • added teleports to FoG (Goddard) and Primeval Island (Rune)
  • ServiceShop sell list adjustments
  • Implemented recommendations bonus feature. Check out details here
  • Frintezza Hall Alarm device tweak – Some doors will get opened when 3 devices get destroyed
  • Added herbs drops on PI mobs
  • PI Dinnosaur Tissue and Egg droprate adjustment
  • PI q items type change (to be normal materials, tradeable etc)
  • Populate Pagans Template with missing mobs
  • Mobs/Raids stats adjustments
  • Mortal Blow / Deadly blow adjustment
  • Add missing db save for shortcuts upon skill addition
  • Fixed Q417 (Path to become Scavenger)
  • Loosing aggro/social behavior issue – fix implemented
  • Seven Signs – if requirements are bypassed all mobs are spawned like in competition period.
  • Removed getreward spam punishment