Fresh start

The community pleaded and voted...

… for a new beginning, which will take a place at 2023.01.24 at 19:00 GMT+1!

An opportunity to ensure equality between old and new players and perhaps attract new members. Also an opportunity to introduce some changes…

With the intention of extending the gameplay and the game content itself WE DECIDED to lower the rates:


  • Exp/SP x3
  • Drop x4
  • Spoil x3
  • Adena x3
  • Sealstones x3
  • Quest x2

Premium Account

  • Exp/SP x4
  • Drop x5
  • Spoil x4
  • Adena x4
  • Sealstones x4
  • Quest x3

The goal is to attract new members to the community. We will continue to reward players who vote on the server. But we will no longer allow abuse in the recommendation system. 

Other changes are being considered and could be implemented very soon.

We do honor your work, efford and time… so they are going to be buried inside 6 foot deep folder intended for SQL dumps&backups. There they will sleep and wait for a better days… No, you wont be able to use’em anymore, but they will stay there forever. Nothing is wiped!

No, you don’t have to.

In fact all existing accounts will get extra 7 days premium!

Yes. We do allow to use bots and other tools.

We are not planning to make any wipes or shutdowns. It is all communitys decision after taking a vote on Discord.

The most important is rates changes. All others are minor, cosmetical changes which will be implemented right away, or pretty soon. You will be informed.

All such’a cases will be considered individually. Contact with us on Discord.

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